Photoshoot Rasheeda


Rasheeda is a DJ that currently lives in São Paulo, Brazil, and met TRICOMA in a bazaar from Calefação Tropicaos.

How did you find out about the brand?

I had just moved to São Paulo and the weather was beginning to get a bit cold. My friend, Leo TN, invited me to a bazaar that he was helping out at and it just happened to be Tricoma. I was in love with the concept and design from the moment I laid eyes on it. I knew I needed to be in those clothes and I immediately started planning.

Why you wanted to be photographed using it?

I am a musical artist and DJ so I am always looking to have professional photos done. Tricoma was my favorite because the original concept and knit wear from Minas was something different.

Whats the thing about Tricoma you like the most?

I love the colours and the patterns the most. I also love that the knit wear is wearable in the cooler months and the warmer months. The quality is superb as well.

How was the photoshoot?

The photoshoot was amazing. Tricoma’s artisti director, João, was supportive and encouraging. Our photographer Fernando, was so sweet and I really loved his attention to detail. We had been planning to do something on the Martinelli building so this was an awesome opportunity for both Crew Active Photography and Tricoma.

Were you comfortable?

I was super comfortable. The clothing was comfortable. It was a good day and I also come from modeling and marketing. I studied that in school. I love the camera.

Whats your job and where do u currently live?

I am currently living and working in Sao Paulo. I am a singer and DJ.


Everyone that has been keeping up with Tricoma news, knows that we went to Europe at the end of april. Our first stop was in Berlin, Germany. We spent inspirational amazing days in this city that combines tradition with modernism and it certainly is a trendsetter for the rest of the world! Within Berlin’s charms there are more than 170 museums, and that makes Berlin a city full of art and occupied by artists who dictate global trends. In addition to all its cultural baggage, it is one of the greenest cities in Germany with large parks, forests and lakes, further emphasizing the contrast in the air. With so many creative and talented minds wandering the city, it was obvious that we would not miss the opportunity to merge our brand with the art and energy of the place. For a photo session in the afternoon , the photographer Lisa Wassmann captured the creative director and founder of Tricoma, Aline Tima . Being an artist since she can remember, Lisa fell in love with the camera at the age of ten and never let go ! We are really grateful for working with such a brilliant and outstanding photographer!

On a few interviews, the photographer said what most delights her in photography is the ability to freeze time. Lisa has the power to transport us into another atmosphere, delicate, almost a waking dream.
Young people, nature and animals are part of the composition of her surrealistic scenarios. When we are passionate about our work, this energy is reflected in everything we produce. This is the case of Lisa Wassamann, that shows in her photos all the wonder and the joy she feels when she is able to register the world through her own eyes.

Check it out, the photoshoot between these two talented woman:
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